Announcing the Release of Defender for iOS beta

Defender for iOS release


Mobile application developers know that safeguarding applications has never been more crucial. The pace at which security threats advance is staggering, with software security taking the lead in the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity’s predictions for 2030.

While Apple’s iOS is renowned for its security measures, its architecture primarily centers on user safety rather than shielding developers and their creations from sophisticated threats like reverse engineering.

This means iOS app developers need a solution to actively defend their apps against the relentless efforts of hackers, competitors, and malicious actors. Enter PreEmptive Defender for iOS beta — the ultimate guardian against these challenges. PreEmptive’s industry best protection is now here to fortify your iOS applications.

What Can Defender for iOS Do for You?

If you develop iOS apps that process sensitive information, contain trade secrets, or are built on intellectual property that could impact your revenue if compromised, PreEmptive Defender for iOS is the security solution you need to keep hackers from reverse engineering your app and accessing the source code. Don’t leave security to chance — use Defender for iOS to avoid being a victim of a data breach.

Defender uses a multi-layered approach that shields your code against reverse engineering. Advanced obfuscation techniques like renaming and control flow comprise the foundation of its defense strategy.

Best of all, the integration is seamless. As a command line tool, using Defender for iOS is a breeze — or add it to your automated build processes and CI/CD pipelines.

Start Your Free Trial of Defender for iOS Now

Protect your brand, intellectual property, data, and revenue with confidence. PreEmptive Defender for iOS is your partner in securing your app’s future. If you’re ready to elevate your app security game, getting started with Defender for iOS is fast and easy with our free trial. Try it out and let us know what you think, click the link to access it!