Xamarin Apps Get Second Major Security Boost With Dotfuscator Pro 4.39

Dotfuscator 4.39, available for download, now includes Anti-tamper controls for Xamarin.Android. This feature adds to the growing list of run-time detection and response features that have rapidly emerged as standard controls required for every Android app processing sensitive information or secure transactions.

This release comes less than three weeks after Version 4.38 dramatically simplified the configuration of Dotfuscator within Xamarin projects and just a few months after Dotfuscator added Rooted Device detection and defense controls

Whether it’s mobile app security guidelines and recommendations from the PCI Council, from OWASP, or general GDPR or NIST guidelines, Security frameworks, standards, and regulations are increasingly expecting application obfuscation, anti-tamper detection and defense controls, as well as controls to detect and respond to unauthorized use of rooted devices.

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Dotfuscator Professional allows Xamarin.Android developers to have real-time, network-independent, native controls in minutes – and can readily include integration with your favorite monitoring and logging utilities – without requiring any Java or Android device-specific knowledge or dependencies.

Want to roll-up your sleeves and take Dotfuscator through its paces? Follow the evaluation download instructions and check out the Protected-BugSweeper sample on GitHub for details on how to configure a Dotfuscator Tamper and rooted device check for Xamarin.Android.