Dotfuscator Professional 4.31 is Available Now

We have just released Dotfuscator Professional 4.31 and it’s available for immediate download (both for clients and as a free evaluation).

Dotfuscator Professional 4.31

  1. Extends its application protection to new development communities for the very first time.
    • Support is now available for:
      • .NET Core 2.0 (released last week by Microsoft) and
      • The Unity game engine. Supported app platforms include PC, Mac, Linux Standalone, Android, and Windows Store (UWP). Supported scripting back-ends include.NET and Mono.
  2. Improves application protection and DevOps automation for existing development communities
    • Dotfuscator now offers:
      • Upgraded processing of Xamarin code and XAML. Smarter parsing and analysis dramatically reduces the number of explicit renaming exclusions required.
        Benefits include simplified configuration, enhanced renaming protection, and faster configuration, testing, and build times.
      • Simplified configuration of runtime controls such as anti-tamper, anti-debug, and auto-expiry. One notable example is the ability to target multiple methods (locations within code) to inject a single control.
        Benefits include making anti-debug, anti-tamper, etc. more difficult to defeat, faster app hardening configuration, and simplified audit and testing functions.
  3. Enhances existing technology to better combat the current state-of-the-art in reverse engineering, tampering, and debugging technologies. This release of Dotfuscator is the latest salvo in our continuing mission to keep you one step ahead of the bad actors looking to subvert your applications and compromise your data.

Visit the Dotfuscator download page and the Dotfuscator Professional change log for access to this latest software, a comprehensive list of the latest features and fixes, and a more detailed description of the features introduced here.