GlobalMed Finds Success By Switching To JSDefender

GlobalMed Finds Success by Switching to JSDefender

When President Donald Trump returned to the White House after his 3-day stay at Walter Reed National Medical Center, staying connected to his physicians was very important. The White House IT staff made sure telemedicine services were securely set-up, and the team at GlobalMed was ready to confirm “all systems a go”.

GlobalMed powers the world’s largest, most advanced virtual health platform that supports virtual consults between doctors and patients. With over 25 million telehealth sessions delivered in 60 countries, GlobalMed is a world leader in telemedicine and virtual monitoring. In addition to working with hospitals and medical practices to provide white-label technology solutions, GlobalMed also provides virtual health products to the US Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and The White House Medical Unit.

In order to work with Federal and State entities, GlobalMed had to follow a variety of security requirements as identified by Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs). Applying obfuscation and hardening to their applications was already a part of their security strategy… so why was GlobalMed not happy with their existing provider? Why did the team at GlobalMed contact PreEmptive for a “second opinion” for their protection solution?


Earlier this year, GlobalMed’s subscription to their JavaScript obfuscation solution expired, and the provider drastically ramped up pricing—by almost 500%. This massive increase prompted the development team to evaluate alternative solutions, with the CTO identifying PreEmptive’s JSDefender as a strong candidate. After evaluating JSDefender and learning it met their security requirements at a lower cost, GlobalMed elected to switch to PreEmptive.


Sending unprotected code to a third-party vendor creates inherent risk. With GlobalMed’s previous JavaScript solution, they were required to log into the vendor’s web application and send them zip files of unprotected code. The protection would run on the “foreign” system, and they would download the results and copy it back to the main project directory.

With JSDefender, GlobalMed can automate the process, and do it entirely on their own managed machines. Their unprotected code does not have to be sent to a remote service outside of their control, and live technical support is always available if there are any issues.


GlobalMed was using two separate obfuscation products from two separate vendors to protect different parts of their code. They used a JavaScript obfuscator from one vendor, and a .NET solution from another.

In choosing JSDefender to replace their existing JavaScript solution, GlobalMed now has access to the entire PreEmptive Protection suite of tools. Dotfuscator Professional can now replace their .NET solution, at no additional cost. In fact, they have lowered their total costs by having only one vendor to manage instead of two.


Migrating solutions or switching technology platforms is never an easy process. At PreEmptive, we recognize that in order to win against other implemented security products, we must provide exponential value in product effectiveness, cost, and ease of use. Our pricing strategy is designed to avoid price gouging customers who find success, and our product development strategy is centered on listening to the needs of our customers. By approaching the market with strong tools and ethical business practices, we hope to continue as the #1 choice for application protection.For a full version of our GlobalMed Case Study, including feedback from GlobalMed’s Senior Software Engineer, please see  our PDF