Inventa Protects Their Android Apps with DashO

Inventa, a Wireless Technology Company, Protects their Android Application with DashO

The Beginnings of Inventa

Having worked in the wireless mobile technology domain in the US, Anand Virani, became intrigued by the growing tech and wireless trends and wanted to explore the field more for himself. He noticed a boom in the Internet of Things (IoT) and that smartphones were becoming more central to how people interacted with each other at home, in the office, and in public places. What if there was a way phones could connect with each other without the need for Internet or cloud access?

Smartphones were the future and Virani was determined to make a profitable business model based on this new trend. And in 2015, Inventa came into existence in Powai, Mumbai.

The IoT Business Model

Virani hired an engineering team to work on the prototype, starting with Android mobile phones, to connect different devices based on proximity. When nearby, the phones could access the name of a person, their birthday, occupation, hobbies, contact information, and more to understand other users better. The goal was to help people meet others based on commonalities and similar interests.

This concept grew to connect millions of consumers with thousands of businesses in India and the SEA with personalized and real-time communication based on precise locations, enabling things like: product and service discounts, loyalty program rewards, Offline-to-Online profiling, and advanced appointment scheduling. As they continued to test and make improvements, they found the real power of the technology occurred in densely populated areas, allowing for increased matchmaking opportunities between consumers and businesses.

Today, with the onset of Covid-19, Inventa uncovered additional capabilities they could add to their product line that would be of help to communities, including: contact tracing, management of community social distancing efforts, and virtual queuing.

The Importance of Safety and Security

Security became a growing concern as Inventa continued to evolve their Android application. They knew they had created a powerful product and wanted to protect their IP from reverse engineering. They evaluated several competing solutions, but none met their expectations on support, nor were they cost-effective for Inventa’s long-term business goals.

When evaluating DashO, however, they found the optimal combination of professional-grade protection, customer support, and cost. “Overall, it’s a great value for our needs,” says Reuben Pandian, COO of Inventa. With DashO, Inventa can deeply obfuscate their Android SDK in-house; by doing so, they protect their code from the security threats that Android-based software is typically exposed to. They also used the runtime checks feature to alert them to potential attacks on their application. With both of these DashO features, not only do they protect their IP, but they also confidently assure customers that they adhere to the highest standards of user data privacy and protection, thanks to the code and data protection built into the application.

Ending Thoughts

With the mantra of “Reimagining the Web,” Inventa has broken digital barriers in the wireless technology space by reimagining connectivity between people, businesses, and physical spaces. By creating an application using wireless communication, geolocation, and geofencing capabilities, Inventa has been able to meet retail and commercial needs, in addition to promptly responding to health and safety tracking concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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