PreEmptive Solutions’ Mobile Application Risk Management Portfolio: Four Releases in Four Weeks

Mobile Application Risk Management Portfolio

Preventing IP theft, data loss, privacy violations, software piracy, and a growing list of other risks uniquely tied to the rise of enterprise mobile computing.

Enterprise Mobile Application Risk

Mobile computing’s impact on society, our economy and the workplace is – and will continue to be – profound; there’s nothing controversial about that.

Yet, mobile technology – like the Internet and the PC “revolutions” that came before – cannot change everything.

Mobile Application Risk Management Portfolio

Governance, risk, and compliance obligations will continue to frame – for better or for worse – every organization’s operational and strategic roadmaps.

Successful organizations innovate within these frameworks – effectively embracing new technology while preserving their standards for risk management, operational transparency, scale and resilience.

It is for these organizations – our traditional enterprise client-base – that PreEmptive Solutions offers, for the first time, its Mobile Application Risk Product Portfolio. The Mobile Portfolio includes preventative and detective controls – across both mobile applications and the backend services they rely upon – in a modular and extensible format.

Enterprise Mobile Application Risk Management

The infographic below identifies leading risk categories stemming from increased reliance on mobile applications. The vulnerabilities (potential gaps) call out specific tactics often employed by bad actors; the Controls identify the corresponding practices to mitigate these risks.

The bottom half of the infographic maps the capabilities of PreEmptive Solutions Mobile Application Risk Portfolio across platforms and runtimes and up to the risk categories themselves.

PreEmptive solutions

What’s new?

In the past four weeks, PreEmptive Solutions has filled out its mobile application portfolio with the following:

  1. PreEmptive Protection for iOS (PPiOS) – the first enterprise obfuscation solution for iOS applications fully integrated into Xcode, application performance optimizations, and our usual live technical support and continuously improving releases. The PPiOS User Guide can be seen here.
  2. Dotfuscator Professional Update – enhancements include deeper support for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, and Xamarin obfuscation. Stay tuned for Windows 10 updates as they become available. You can see the latest change log here.
  3. DashO Update – enhancements include support for the latest Android releases and frameworks. The DashO change log is here.
  4. PreEmptive Analytics for Linux – extending feature and exception analytics from your IoT devices to your back office servers. Contact us for immediate access to our Linux SDK.

The result is a comprehensive mobile application risk management and monitoring platform for the enterprise – extending across (and beyond) the mobile applications themselves.

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