New Release: PreEmptive JSDefender

Protect Your Javascript Against Tampering With JSDefender

This is a new minor version of JSDefender.

JSDefenderā„¢ is a powerful security solution from PreEmptive. The tool shields your JavaScript applications from the risks of tampering, debugging, reverse engineering and hacking. PreEmptive leverages sophisticated obfuscation and runtime protection techniques to provide industry leading security, empowering you to be confident in your deployed applications.

In the latest update, our development team has constructed an array of new features to support the way our customers use the PreEmptive platform. The core focus of product development is to ensure we provide full support to the emerging challenges of the industry. PreEmptive is excited to release an updated version of JSDefender with a range of new features.

Version 2.5 includes:

  • glob input pattern matching support for the CLI.
  • This enables users to provide multiple input files, even from subdirectories in a single input, instead of specifying them one-by-one.
  • Enhanced handling of React Native Bundles
  • Global Object Hiding feature enabled for React Native Bundles
  • Resolution of small bugs and minor feature enhancements
  • JSDefender Samples repository created, including examples for Angular, React, Vue, React Native, Ionic, Webpack, Rollup, Electron and CLI input glob feature

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