PreEmptive Protection Tackles Top Developer Compliance Complaints

Developers cite compliance cost, complexity, and confusion as slowing innovation and impeding competitive goals. With the latest Dotfuscator and DashO releases, PreEmptive Protection dramatically improves developer productivity, automation, and scalability.

Seattle, WA. Microsoft Build Conference, May 7, 2019 – PreEmptive announced today the immediate availability of Dotfuscator Professional 4.41 and DashO 10.0 Beta. These updates to the PreEmptive Protection suite reduce initial protection configuration effort by 90% and offer complete automation of many of the most sophisticated runtime controls entirely. In a just-completed developer survey incorporating responses from over 315 organizations, 77% reported that “confusion around regulatory requirements slows innovation” while 71% stated that “the cost and complexity of compliance” is making it harder to compete.

Development organizations must find ways to meet complex privacy and compliance requirements even as they are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality, innovative features across platforms and devices.

“These releases demonstrate PreEmptive’s commitment to deliver powerful app and data security controls without unnecessary development overhead or an army of consultants.“ – Gabriel Torok, CEO PreEmptive

Dotfuscator Professional 4.41 offers an entirely new way of configuring and integrating Dotfuscator into automated build environments – installed on-demand, activated as part of the build, and run the same way as it is in development. The result is a 90%+ reduction in time and effort required to configure and integrate Dotfuscator into your preferred pipeline. “While these tools improve any CI build, they really shine with dynamic build agents – build agents that are provisioned on-demand – like in Azure Pipelines,” said Nathan Arthur, Engineering VP, PreEmptive.

Dotfuscator 4.41 includes:

  • A NuGet package that can be deployed into a private artifact repository (e.g. Azure Artifacts) and dynamically installed via nuget install,
  • Dynamic licensing via a new “Floating” license model combined with flexible Dotfuscator activation options using command line arguments, environment variables, or MSBuild properties, and
  • A separately-released Azure Pipelines extension.

Another major innovation, Dotfuscator Visual Studio project file integration, further reduces time away from building new features and fixing bugs and supports all project types including Xamarin and early versions of Blazor and .NET Core 3.

“Taken together, these enhancements typically reduce configuration and implementation efforts by over 90%.” – William Leach, CTO, PreEmptive

DashO 10.0 Beta is the first application hardening solution to fully leverage R8, Google’s recently introduced Android app shrinker. R8 replaces ProGuard, an earlier shrinker and obfuscator. DashO 10.0 is currently in beta and is distributed with a Go Live license.

“DashO 10.0 takes a typical migration from ProGuard from hours to just a few minutes.” William Leach, CTO, PreEmptive

In addition to obfuscation transformation algorithms, DashO Android Mode also offers:

  • Tamper detection and defense,
  • Rooted device detection and response,
  • Anti-debugger controls,
  • Emulator detection and response, and 
  • Anti-hooking controls.

Whether mobile, desktop or cloud, PreEmptive Protection’s powerful application and data protection controls can be implemented without any dependency on third-party APIs, changes to application source code or even a connection to a network.

“PreEmptive’s post-compile injection capabilities are also ideally suited to generate auditable logs and to meet specific offline requirements from organizations like the PCI Council and general guidelines from regulations like GDPR,” concluded Sebastian Holst, CSO, PreEmptive.