Press Release: PreEmptive Unveils Defender for iOS

Defender for iOS


AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA – December 19, 2023 – PreEmptive, a pioneering force in application security, is excited to announce the launch of PreEmptive Defender for iOS. This cutting-edge security solution marks a significant milestone in PreEmptive’s ongoing commitment to providing developers and businesses with advanced protective measures for their iOS applications.

PreEmptive Defender for iOS is made for developers whose applications handle sensitive information, trade secrets, or intellectual property that could adversely impact revenue if compromised. With the rise of hacking threats, app security cannot be left to chance. Defender provides the much-needed defense to ensure app integrity remains unblemished.

Defender leverages a multi-layered approach to protect iOS apps against reverse engineering and IP theft. PreEmptive’s industry-leading, advanced obfuscation techniques such as renaming, string encryption, and control flow are at the forefront of its defense strategy.

To learn more about PreEmptive Defender for iOS and request a beta license, enter here.  

About PreEmptive

PreEmptive stands at the forefront of application security, delivering innovative solutions to protect against reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized access. With a focus on empowering developers with unmatched security measures, PreEmptive ensures apps remain resilient in the face of evolving digital threats.