Reasons to Invest in DevSecOps

Reasons to invest in DevSecOps

As you know by now, devsecops are commonly talked about by experts across the board, now more than ever as new companies, freelancers and other entities merge into the tech space and increase their reliance on IOT solutions. With all the cyber attacks that have been increasing every 6 months, development security operations have pivoted in the forefront of company investments. That is why it is crucial to not skip out or budget in security measures for your fiscal year. But why should you invest in the first place?

#3: Automation Speeds up Development Process

Working on a large project can be gruesome, but not having it secured is like leaving your wallet on the table to be snatched up. We understand that time is a key factor in the development process, so it should be a no-brainer for companies or developers to seek out a devsecop tool that works in their favor without jeopardizing function. But how can this be achieved? Automation of course! Shift your security to automated testing speeds up your development process providing quicker response time to help pinpoint and solve problems. Just like DevTools, DevSecOps are very similar. They both need automation and by shifting security measures to this, ensures best practices with your IT team.

 #2: Replaces the one-off Security Assessments

Usually security is probably at the last stages of your development cycle and while other companies only look at this quarterly, which only sets you up for a breach. DevSecOps changes this dynamic by securing your projects from the start. It replaces that one-time snapshot of your code by consistently looking at it. And since Devops is driven by code, your security should follow suit, security can easily be integrated in your CI/CD pipeline. Shifting your best practices by investing in DevSecOps takes your team from examining problems at the end to testing each week. If you know where the weak spots are then you easily fix and repeat this process throughout only making your project rock solid!

#1: Breaking Down Organizational Silos

Silos should be a thing of the past, but can still be found in today’s organizations. There should be no reason that security measures be isolated to only one department, because as you may know, each department is used to handling situations in their own way due to urgent matters. The common corporate “red tape” is consistently boroughed through, so in order for DevSecOps to truly work, everyone and every department need to be following the same measures. Development teams should align and agree on what type of measurements to use or have a set of objects implemented throughout, and not only isolated in one department. By having everyone on the same page your security will be one force to be reckoned with and you won’t have to worry about becoming another victim of cyber crime. 

PreEmptive case study

We encourage everyone to read our case studies to find out how other companies found success with PreEmptive in their DevSecOps. PreEmptive has been blazing the trail in devsecops division for quite some time. Not only do we have a long company history, but our products are used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. We hope this blog has helped you solidify the decision to invest in your DevSecOps process, but if you’re not sold try us with a FREE Trial!