DashO Gradle Plugin Change Log V3.2 Build 0

Change Log – Version 3.2.0


  • Supports Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.0.
  • Added support for configuring multiple inputs when using the com.preemptive.dashoCustom plugin.
  • Added a debug option to pass --debug when running DashO.


  • Minimum required Android Gradle Plugin version is 3.2.0.
  • Minimum required Gradle version is 4.6.
  • The verbose option now also enables SHOW_DASHO_CMD.
  • Added target.sdk.api, min.sdk.api, and compile.sdk.api properties for the Android SDK versions used by Android projects.


  • Fixed an UP-TO-DATE Android build integration issue when only signing information changes.
  • Fixed an issue, in the com.preemptive.dasho plugin, finding Kotlin compiled classes.
    Other plugins did not have this problem.
  • Fixed an issue where DashO attempted to run on test variants.