DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V10.0 Build 0 Beta 2- Release Date May 2, 2019

Change Log – Version 10.0.0 Beta 2 – Release Date May 2, 2019

This is a beta release of DashO.
Please see the Beta Release Notes for important information.


  • Added a new DashO Android Gradle Plugin.
  • Added Android Mode which is specifically designed to work with the DashO Android Gradle Plugin as part of an Android build process that uses R8.
    • The GUI now has a Standard Mode and an Android Mode.
    • The Android Mode GUI will prompt you to refresh the list of input classes when it detects changes in the inputs.
    • To migrate to this new Android integration refer to the upgrading docs.
  • Added the --pathMap command line option which allows specifying a file that configures DashO’s input and output paths.
    This option is currently only available for Android Mode.
  • Improved documentation layout.
  • Improved the Spring Bean sample.
  • Updated the DashO-GameOfLife sample.
  • Added a WARN_ON_MISSING_SUPPORT_ENTRY property which, when set to true, will warn instead of error if a configured support entry is missing.
  • The GUI listens for changes to the configuration and will prompt to reload.

This release may contain protection enhancements not described here.


  • Updated the DashO Gradle Plugin:
    • v3.4.0 with deprecated support for the Android Gradle 3.4.0 plugin.
    • v4.0.0 with no Android support.
  • The Append current Java runtime and Use Classpath from Environment options have been removed.
  • The Android Gradle New Project Wizard has been removed (temporarily).
    Refer to the instructions in Android Getting Started to create a new project using Android Mode.
  • Control Flow and String Encryption are now enabled by default on new projects.
  • The navigation tree in the DashO GUI can no longer be collapsed.
  • Updated to use ASM version 7.1.


  • Fixed a rare issue when reading MethodParameters attributes which do not reference a constant pool entry.