DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V10.2 Build 0 – Release Date January 21, 2020

Change Log – Version 10.2.0 – Release Date January 21, 2020


  • Android Mode support for Resource Encryption (Beta).
  • Support for Google Play Store key upgrade.
  • Android project wizards now put the maven.preemptive.com repository last in the repositories priority list.

This release may contain protection enhancements not described here.


  • Requires version 1.1 of the DashO Gradle Plugin for Android if using resource encryption.
  • Updated to include AdoptOpenJDK JRE version 11.0.6 in the installers.
  • Removed the authorized-app Shelf Life sample.


  • Fixed an issue where saving a project could overwrite without prompting.
  • Check injections now respect global processing excludes.