DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V10.3 Build 0 – Release Date March 16, 2020

Change Log – Version 10.3.0 – Release Date March 16, 2020


Resource Encryption is no longer a beta feature.
Please refer to the User Guide for information on how to configure Resource Encryption.

If you used Resource Encryption with an AAR in an earlier version of DashO, you will need to update the line in library-rules.pro from:

-keep public class * {


-keep public class !dasho.**,!**.dasho.**,* {

This will allow R8 to rename the resource decryption classes that DashO injects.


  • Resource Encryption is no longer a beta feature.
  • Support for running DashO with Java 14.
  • Support for processing bytecode from Java 14 (except the preview feature Records).
  • Support mark() and reset() on decrypted resource streams.
  • Updated library-rules.pro file added by the Wizard for AAR project to allow Resource Encryption related support classes to be renamed.
  • Added a new Resource Encryption sample.

This release may contain protection enhancements not described here.


  • Updated to use apktool version 2.4.1.
  • Updated to use ASM version 7.3.1.


  • Fixed an issue where an Android project may have used an incorrect Shelf Life jar.
  • Fixed an issue where the standalone Lucidator GUI had issues launching on macOS under certain conditions.