DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V3.4 Build 1 – Release Date January 16, 2008

Change Log – Version 3.4.1 – Release Date January 16, 2008

  • DashO’s jar manifest now contains a Class-Path entry so that it can be run without specifying all the jars in the lib directory.
  • DashO’s user interface can now take in the name of a DOX file as an argument from the command line.
  • DashO’s user interface now uses the native look-and-feel of the OS rather than using the Metal cross-platform look-and-feel.

  • The Remove tab in DashO’s user interface has been removed and the removal options are now on the Setup tab’s General Options section. It is now labeled “Unused Fields/Methods” to indicate that removal only applies to items that DashO has determined are not being used.
  • The menus in DashO’s user interface now contain keyboard accelerators.
  • The tool bar in DashO’s user interface has two new items: “Save As” and “Cancel”. The Cancel item was previously only displayed while a build was running and appeared on the extreme right side of the tool bar. It is now always available on the tool bar, but only enabled while a build is running.
  • DashO now creates temporary files in the temporary directory as defined by the operating system rather than in the install directory.
  • DashO reports the name of removed interfaces in verbose mode.
  • The StackMap attribute is now only generated for classes compiled for Java 6. Previously it was generated for all classes.