DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V4.1 Build 1 – Release Date May 21, 2008

Change Log – Version 4.1.1 – Release Date May 21, 2008

New Features:

  • User interface enhancements.
  • New Ant tasks : <obfuscate>; <obfuscate-jar>; <watermark>. Requires Apache Ant 1.5 or newer.
  • String Encryption improvements to thwart decompilation and reduce class sizes.
  • New Peep Hole optimizer.
  • Improved error messages for missing classes showing the context of the class reference.


  • Entry points, special classes, library entry points, classpath, quick jars, and supporting jars panels now have popup menus.
  • Entry points can now contain ** and * patterns using Ant-like semantics.

Resolved Issues for:

  • Manifest version is automatically added if not present in the text file.
  • Insertion of manifests files that do not contain versions.
  • Jar mode interface: can’t turn off optimize byte codes.
  • Error with forname detection in unusual instruction patterns.
  • Decoding of stack traces that contain a combination of renamed and non-renamed methods and classes.
  • String encrypted code that uses == vs equals() no longer works.
  • Results panel draws blank text with Window Xp using Window 2000 display mode.
  • Input jars list has compressed display when jar has a blank name.
  • User interface cannot save files that contain field rules.
  • User interface can lose value of manifest name on output panel.