DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V4.2 Build 1 – Release Date July 22, 2008

Change Log – Version 4.2.1 – Release Date July 22, 2008

New Features:

  • Eclipse IDE integration. Allows project files to be created, edited, and executed from inside Eclipse. See Eclipse Plug-in documentation for installation and use.
  • New output option: merge="true/false". merge="false" allows cross jar/directory obfuscation and pruning while retaining the original packaging of the input classes. Previously DashO required that all output be placed in a single jar/directory. A new sample project, multijar, illustrating this feature is provided.


  • All command lines now support short and long option names. All provide --help and --version.
  • Reports use standardized report headings and section breaks.
  • when DashO copies non-class file it attempts to preserve the original date and time of the source file.
  • You can add and remove exclusions for a jar in the class path by right-clicking on it and selecting Add Exclusions or Remove Exclusions.


  • Project file version now includes the build number of the product. For backwards compatibility the version is encoded as M.mmbb where M is the major version number, mm is the minor version number and bb is the build number.
  • DashO adds a default manifest to all jars it creates if a manifest is not provided by other means.


  • Shell script issue with file names that contain spaces.
  • Forname detection using cast preceding Class.newInstance() invocation. DashO now correctly includes the class used in the cast and all implementing classes.
  • User interface creates Jar Mode projects that generates a String Encryption warning.
  • <sysproperty> and <env> do not work in Ant tasks.
  • Sourcing for property expansion prevents command line overrides of values. Values provided on the command line now override values provided in the project file.