DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V6.1 Build 1 – Release Date September 21, 2009

Change Log – Version 6.1.1 – Release Date September 21, 2009

New Features

  • Shelf Life: injection of expiration and expiration warning logic into an application. Expiration checking can be added through annotations in the code or via virtual annotations.
  • Added tokengenerator command line tool to create and print Shelf Life tokens.
  • Added <generate-token> and <print-token> Ant tasks to create and print Shelf Life tokens.


  • All Ant tags now support the if and unless attributes. These operate in the same fashion as the attributes of Ant’s <target>s.


  • RI attributes containing non-ASCII characters not properly encoded.
  • NullPointerException in New Project Wizard when reading Spring XML files with FactoryBeans that contain a targetObject property.
  • User interface not saving the setting of <premark>‘s truncate attribute correctly.
  • Missing super interface classes eventually led to NullPointerException. Warning messages are now generated correctly, but DashO may still issue an error if the missing interface can not be ignored.
  • antconfig.bat failed when install directory contained a space.


  • RI activation is required for injection of RI messages, but not required for editing instrumentation settings in the user interface.