DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V6.11 Build 0 – Release Date July 23, 2012

Change Log – Version 6.11.0 – Release Date July 23, 2012


  • Support for Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean.
  • Support for Android SDK Tools v20.
  • Enhanced control flow obfuscation.
  • Better support for renaming Android classes. The Android Manifest.xml is updated with new names.
  • Android project wizard automatically includes support libraries from device specific targets.
  • Support for removal of method calls (e.g. to strip-out logging).
  • Configurable off-line storage area for instrumentation messages.


  • DashO will automatically not rename the CREATOR field of an android.os.Parcelable implementation.
  • Subsequent runs of the Android project wizard properly overwrite previous configurations.
  • Fixed the VerifyError, in Java 7, when using Control Flow on a constructor with a ternary operation in its super call.
  • Updated the sendofflinedata scripts to reference the correct jar file.