DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V6.12 Build 0 – Release Date September 17, 2012

Change Log – Version 6.12.0 – Release Date September 17, 2012


  • Improved application startup time for instrumented applications.
  • The ‘Removal’ feature now supports exclusion rules for classes, methods, and fields.
  • The ‘Make Synthetic’ feature now supports exclusion rules for methods and fields.

  • Save-As will now prompt before overwriting an existing .dox file.
  • Several new attributes added to the DashO Ant tasks
    • error: Allows for error output to be placed in a different file than standard output.
    • outputProperty: Allows for standard output to be placed inside an Ant-accessible property.
    • errorProperty: Allows for standard error to be placed inside an Ant-accessible property.
    • resultProperty: Allows for the return code to be placed inside an Ant-accessible property.


  • The output jar files contain proper directory entries when “Files Only” is unchecked.
  • The ExceptionHandler class is now properly merged when using UncaughtExceptionHandler instrumentation.
  • Fixed the error when processing “void.class” as the default class element in an annotation.
  • Fixed issue with overriding MakeSynthetic settings from an Ant script.
  • The output file specified in the Obfuscate Ant task, will now contain errors regarding invalid .dox files.
  • Fixed issue where Try/Catch Control Flow would occasionally cause problems in methods that already contain exception handling.


  • The New Project Wizard now launches automatically on startup.
  • The New Project toolbar button now launches the New Project Wizard.
  • Runtime Intelligence will now send a hashed windows serial number.
  • DashO will now produce Error messages (instead of Warning) when a specified .jar is missing or it cannot locate a specified entrypoint.
  • The Instrumentation UI is now disabled when not activated, and instrumentation is prevented for un-activated DashO installations If your build begins to fail with an error about activation, please contact support.