DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V6.8 Build 1 – Release Date December 20, 2010

Change Log – Version 6.8.1 – Release Date December 20, 2010


  • The New Project Wizard has been updated to work with version 7 and up of the Android SDK. The wizard now requires this version or higher of the SDK.
  • New system properties to control Runtime Intellegence features- ris.support.offline and ris.full.data.
  • Removal report displays the actual entry point used by the entry point rules.


  • The Ant task’s did not support the classes attribute.
  • Member renaming random check-box not loaded corrected from project file.
  • Incorrect method signature referenced for thread-based unhandled exception reporting.
  • Jar mode should use default attribute removal set rather than remove all attributes.
  • NullPointerException in Jar mode when an input jar does not contain a manifest.
  • In Jar mode if the manifest Main-Class attribute references an unknown class no warning message is generated.
  • static modifier omitted in reports and verbose output.
  • Class statistics incorrect when classes are removed.
  • Protected fields displayed as package protected fields in class lists.
  • Optimizer replaces string/class reference with string/string.
  • Abstract class without public/protected methods causes renaming errors.
  • Methods with certain nested interface patterns not reconstructed correctly.
  • References to non-primitive static field in an interface rebound to java.lang.Object.


  • Runtime Intelligence off-line storage uses uppercase version of application ID to prevent issues on platforms with case sensitive file systems.
  • Renaming report shows the top ten member identifiers sorted by frequency rather than only single character identifiers.