DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V6.9 Build 1 – Release Date 2 May 2, 2011

Change Log – Version 6.9.1 – Release Date 2 May 2, 2011


DashO now places it license file in directory that is accessible to users without administrative privileges. You will have to re-register DashO after upgrading to 6.9.


  • String Encryption enhancements. Up to ten string decrypters methods can be added to the application. The level of obfuscation is adjustable from 1 (simple/fast) to 10 (complex/slow).
  • TamperCheck is now supported on Android applications.


  • Inflater closed error when derived class appears before base class in a jar used as a library entry point
  • Relative paths to keystore causes FileNotFoundException
  • TamperCheck placed on static method causes exception at application runtime
  • Java based installer fails on the shortcut screen when using 64 bit Java
  • Spurious missing class when instrumenting and no entery points have been defined
  • Removal report listed all removed fields on one line


  • DashO now requres the Android Toolkit version 10.