DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V7.4 Build 1 – Release Date July 8, 2014

Change Log – Version 7.4.1 – Release Date July 8, 2014


  • Added support for the new Android Gradle Plugin IDs, introduced in v0.12.0, to the project wizard.
  • Added support for the Gradle build environment (http://www.gradle.org/) for standard Java builds and for Android (http://tools.android.com/tech-docs/new-build-system).
  • Updated the Android project wizard to support Gradle build environments.
  • Updated the AndroidPA sample to work with Gradle and Android Studio.
  • Added support to update the names of renamed classes referenced in JNLP files.


  • Non-class files can now be copied to locations relative to a parent folder when outputting a jar file.
  • A potential NullPointerException when processing JNLP files will no longer occur.
  • Fixed a line-ending issue on *nix.
  • The SendOfflineData scripts work properly.
  • Paths that start with with forward slashes display properly in the Input and Support UIs.


  • Updates to the DashO Gradle Plugin.
  • The DashO installer no longer allows selection of individual components.
  • Updated End User License Agreement to correspond to changes made for Analytics products.
  • Updates to the PreEmptive Analytics API.