DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V7.1 Build 0 – Release Date June 3, 2013

Change Log – Version 7.1.0 – Release Date June 3, 2013

This release includes significant improvements to Spring framework support. Spring Beans can now be configured as SpringBean special classes. If you currently use DashO to obfuscate your Spring projects, we recommend you use this new feature. The new project wizard will help you setup the new SpringBean special classes. Documentation has been updated explaining Spring Support in great detail and a new sample application was added to demonstrate the support. The following areas of spring are supported:

  • Renaming properties.
  • Renaming entry point methods (init-method, destroy-method, factory-method, lookup-method, replaced-method).
  • Renaming Constant Fields using util:constant or FieldRetrievingFactoryBean.
  • Renaming classnames passed as values.

Other Enhancements

  • Support for v22 of the Android SDK.
  • Improved documentation on the “copy non-class files” feature.
  • Better visibility of configuration errors.
  • Allows the preservation of jars with no remaining classes.
  • Better Error handling with project file read/write issues.


  • Class files with more than 32767 constants are now supported.
  • The renamed classes/methods listed in the results will no longer temporarily disappear when selecting another entry.
  • The renamemembers, renameclass, and regex attribute are supported in entrypoints defined in an ant task.
  • Menu placement on OSX when running Java 1.7.
  • Renaming Exclusion issue with inner classes.
  • Fixed incorrect error during incremental renaming.
  • Fixed issue where incremental renaming can cause new method overrides.
  • Fixed placement of added exception classes in unmerged output.
  • Renaming will not choose a name which conflicts with an existing support class.
  • Better error handling with jars with invalid entries.
  • Virtual ReportException annotation now send messages by default.
  • Fixed reference to LEAVEDEBUGGINGINFO global option in documentation.


  • Instrumentation Activation is no longer necessary.
  • Runtime Intelligence re-branded to PreEmptive Analytics. If you were using ri-*.jar files, they have been renamed to pa-*.jar.