DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V8.2 Build 0 – Release Date July 27, 2017

Change Log – Version 8.2.0 – Release Date July 27, 2017

This release of PreEmptive Protection Ð DashO includes new Root Checking capabilities, support for Android-O and Kotlin, and other enhancements, changes, and fixes.


  • Added the ability to inject Root Checks (@RootCheck, @RootResponse), with new code annotations and a new user interface. A sample project is provided.
  • Supports Android-O.
  • Supports Kotlin.
  • Added search capability to the User Guide.
  • Improved performance when processing sets of related interfaces.
  • Supports APK Signature Scheme v2 by allowing the use of apksigner when signing outputs.
  • User properties can now be used in the additional arguments when signing output.
  • Passes signing passwords via the environment instead of command line.
  • The Android project wizard recognizes configured intents in resource xml files (as used by static shortcuts) and configures those activities as non-renameable.
  • The Android APK project wizard attempts to find Android’s build-tools directory to ease configuration of signing and aligning the output APK file.
  • Runtime accessibility of sources and actions specified for injections is now checked as part of the build.


  • Updated the DashO Gradle Plugin to v2.3.2.
  • A warning is issued and nothing is injected when @ReportCaughtExceptions or @ReportThrownExceptions is specified but is not configured send a message nor perform an action.
  • A warning is issued and nothing is injected when @ReportUncaughtExceptions is specified but is not configured to send a message nor perform an action nor ignore the exception.
  • A warning is issued when using the exit action while injecting checks into Android.
  • Updated to use ASM version 5.2.
  • Interface implementation checking now supports the Ignore Missing Methods option.
  • Includes apktool-2.2.3.
  • Quick Jar mode is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of DashO. Users will be prompted to convert their projects.


  • Fixed an issue where invalid recursive interface definitions would cause an unhandled error in DashO.
  • An error is issued when an extended class or implemented interface can’t be found, even if Ignore Missing Classes is enabled.
  • Improved the warning message when there is an issue processing an XML file for renaming.
  • Fixed UI issues when selecting output locations on macOS.