DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V8.4 Build 0 – Release Date March 13, 2018

Change Log – Version 8.4.0 – Release Date March 13, 2018


PreEmptive Analytics has been deprecated.
Injecting Instrumentation and/or configuring Checks (or Responses) to send messages will generate a warning.
These features will be removed in a future version of DashO.


  • Provisional support for Java 9.
  • Improved installation process with platform-native installers. (Launching DashO under Java 9 requires additional steps.)
  • Improved command line documentation.
  • The Android project wizard now handles Build Variants (Flavors / Types).
  • Improved Android SDK lookup in the project wizard.
  • Improved Android wizard documentation.
  • Included a reference to the DashO-GameOfLife sample.


  • Running the DashOPro.jar directly now invokes the DashO CLI. The DashO GUI can be launched from the Start menu or Launchpad, or by running the dashogui script.
  • A warning is issued when injecting Instrumentation.
  • A warning is issued when configuring Checks (or Responses) to send messages.
  • A warning is issued when injecting Tamper Checks into library projects.
  • An error is issued when a multi-release jar is an input.
  • New messages and build warnings for out-of-date software.
  • Updated to use ASM version 6.0.
  • Updated the DashO Gradle Plugin:
    • v3.0.2 with the disabledForBuildVariants configuration value, the buildVariant user property, and a fix for Multidex builds.
    • v3.0.1 with an enhancement for includeAsInputs.
    • v2.3.4 with a manifest processing fix.
  • Includes apktool-2.3.1.
  • Removed the sendofflinedata script.
  • Removed redundant man page documentation.
  • Removed Android check-telemetry sample.


  • Improved the error message when attempting to launch the DashO UI with a headless JRE.
  • Fixed an issue with unusual but valid exception range table entries in input bytecode.
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