DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V9.3 Build 0 – Release Date January 18, 2019

Change Log – Version 9.3.0 – Release Date January 18, 2019


This release may contain protection enhancements not described here.


  • Updated the DashO Gradle Plugin:
    • v3.3.0 with support for the Android Gradle 3.3.0 plugin.
    • v3.2.3 with includeAsInputs improvements.


  • Fixed an issue with random renaming that would cause a large amount of memory to be allocated under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where incremental renaming validation found a false conflict between methods.
  • Fixed an issue processing the EnclosingMethod attribute when the referenced class is not included in the inputs.
  • Fixed an issue where DashO would encounter an exception under certain conditions when using custom string encryption.
  • Fixed an issue where DashO kept too many files open at once.