Dotfuscator CE 5.29.0 – Release Date April 2017

Change Log – – Version 5.29.0 – Release Date April 2017


  • The Debug Check can now detect the presence of native debuggers such as WinDbg.
  • The Debug Check now provides anti-debug defense for UWP applications.
  • Improved renaming support for Xamarin applications.

  • Assorted changes were made to the Dotfuscator GUI’s menu structure to make things easier to find:
    • Removed the toolbar button that opened user preferences. There is still a ‘User Preferences’ menu item in the Tools menu.
    • Moved the contents of the ‘Recent Projects’ sub-menu to be top-level items in the File menu.
  • Added a button to the toolbar that will open the location of the obfuscated asssemblies in Windows Explorer. Furthermore, the build output will say where the processed assemblies have been written.

Functional Changes

  • The command line version of Dotfuscator will display more user-friendly, succinct usage when requesting it with /?. /?? will provide the original, extended help information.


  • Fixed an issue where Dotfuscator failed to parse certain combinations of generic arguments in CustomAttribute definitions, resulting in the production of invalid assemblies.
  • Fixed an issue where mscorlib references were being added to assemblies only referencing System.Runtime.
  • Added DTDs for old versions of the Dotfuscator config so that old Dotfuscator projects can be opened properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Dotfuscator was incorrectly writing out XAML binding elements.
  • Fixed a bug where Dotfuscator could crash if an input path is invalid.
  • Fixed an issue where Dotfuscator would not preserve platform-independent directory structure in ZIP archives (such as XAP files).