Dotfuscator Community 5.42.0 – Release Date April 2019

Change Log – – Version 5.42.0 – Release Date April 2019


  • Added a new “Emit Debugging Symbols” setting. Selecting this option causes Dotfuscator to automatically emit updated debugging symbols (i.e., PDB files) in the same format as those included with the input assemblies. This option supports Portable PDBs as well as the original .NET Framework PDB format.

  • Added a new “Suppress Ildasm” setting to add the SuppressIldasmAttribute to all output assemblies.
    This prevents newer versions of Visual Studio (15.6+) from decompiling assemblies back into C# code.
    This will also stop the official .NET disassembler, ildasm, from operating on your assemblies.
    Please note that this attribute only protects against Visual Studio and ildasm decompilation, and will not affect third-party tools.
  • Added a new setting to disable inserting the DotfuscatorAttribute into all output assemblies.
  • This release may include protection enhancements not described here.

Functional Changes

  • The entire assembly path is no longer displayed in the inclusion and exclusion tree views.


  • Markup parsing error messages are now more specific.
  • Configuring a Sink method that is async, with an Action configured will now error to prevent undefined behavior at runtime.
  • Resolved an issue processing unmanaged constraints
  • Resolved an issue that could result in an exception when installing localized versions of the VSIX