Dotfuscator Community 5.44.0 – Release Date October 2019

Change Log – – Version 5.44.0 – Release Date October 2019

Important Compatibility Changes

  • Running Dotfuscator now minimally requires .NET Framework v4.7.2 (previously, v4.6.1).


Functional Changes

  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Other minor documentation improvements


  • Updated probing for references for .NET Core 3.0.
  • Fixed issue where Renaming exclusion rules would be erased by the Config Editor.
  • Updated Smart Obfuscation rules to detect enums declared in .NET Standard assemblies.
  • Fixed issue processing XAML with markup extensions that have nested values.
  • Fixed issue loading ARM 64 APPX assemblies in Dotfuscator.
  • File inputs from a network (that have a path beginning with ) no longer show as unavailable.
  • Fixed issue with the renaming exclusion tab where unchecking an assembly node unchecks all its children except the assembly node.
  • Removed checkbox from assembly nodes on the Checks dialog.
  • Improved search stability and performance for external tools (such as ilasm.exe).
  • The PDBAUTO Setting no longer causes an error if an input file path contains a single quote (') character.
  • The default temp directory now uses a dedicated subdirectory.
  • Dotfuscator is now able to add the SuppresIldasm attribute to assemblies without an mscorlib reference.