Dotfuscator Community 6.3.0 – Release Date May 2021

Change Log – – Version 6.3.0 – Release Date May 2021

Important Compatibility Changes

This is a new major version of Dotfuscator Community.

  • Dotfuscator no longer supports injecting PreEmptive Analytics runtime telemetry.
    Checks are still supported, and you can use custom code triggered via application notification to report security incidents to an analytics platform of your choosing.
  • Dotfuscator no longer supports assemblies built for Silverlight, Windows Phone, or WinRT (e.g. Windows 8 apps).
  • Dotfuscator no longer supports .appx files as input packages.
  • Dotfuscator no longer supports the Unity game engine.
  • Dotfuscator no longer has its own proxy settings.
    Please use the system proxy settings instead.
  • Dotfuscator’s Check Attributes are now distributed separately from Dotfuscator.
    They are available in the PreEmptive.Protection.Checks.Attributes NuGet package on


  • .NET 5 support.
  • Updated logos and branding.
  • Properties can now be defined in terms of other properties.
  • Improved the stack trace translation tool to accommodate stack traces reported by Visual Studio App Center.
  • The SuppressIldasm feature now uses a .NET Standard version of the attribute, allowing the feature to work on assemblies not targeting the full .NET Framework.
  • Support for Nullable Attributes.
  • Condensed renaming results on the Output tab.
  • This release may include protection enhancements not described here.

Functional Changes

  • When the PREEMPTIVE_TELEMETRY_OPT_OUT environment variable has an unrecognized value, Dotfuscator will now warn and treat the variable as unset instead of giving an error.


  • Fixed build failure when adding a Check to a delegate method.
  • Fixed issue building with a Hang Action configured for a Debug Check.
  • Allow environment variables to be used when specifying tool locations.
  • Fixed runtime issue that could occur after renaming types that implement (or extend) types via generic instantiations nested more than two levels.
  • Fixed selecting the wrong version of ILasm and ILdasm to use in some cases.
  • Fixed a parser error when type forwarding a nested class.
  • Fixed issue where selecting a non-existent config file from the “Most Recently Used” list did not prompt the user to remove the item from the list.