Dotfuscator Community Edition, Version 3.0.2005.21000 – Release Date June 30, 2006

Change Log – Version 3.0.2005.21000 – Release Date June 30, 2006

Resolved Issues:

  • In redundant interface removal when a type implements (directly or indirectly) a generic interface multiple times, each with different actual type arguments.
  • With handling privatescope members with identical names.
  • In handling some security attributes.
  • In parsing some custom attribute initializers.
  • With analyzing methods whose signatures contain arrays of generic types and whose signatures differ only by actual type used to “instantiate” the generic array types.

  • Occasional “duplicate key exception” when loading dependent assemblies.
  • “Array index out of bounds” error that occurred in some cases when reading dependent assemblies.
  • Improved analysis of complex method override relationships and improved support for analyzing complex hierarchies containing generic types.
  • ObfuscationAttribute now can be used to preserve property and event metadata.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


  • Graceful handling of paths containing invalid characters.
  • Performance improvement when building multiple times (subsequent builds run faster due to caching improvements).