Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.20.0 – Release Date February 29, 2016

Change Log – Version 4.20.0 – Release Date February 29, 2016


  • Support for obfuscating and instrumenting Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.
  • Revised Getting Started documentation.


  • Attempting to use PreMark with no watermark string now halts the build immediately.
  • Fixed issue with control flow obfuscation on types marked for type equivalence.
  • Fixed error when a non-PCL assembly overrides a property defined in a PCL assembly.
  • Fixed verification error when using a `try`/`catch` within a loop.
  • Fixed issue occurring when multiple assemblies contained duplicate full type names.
  • Fixed `IndexOutOfRangeException` when using Smart Obfuscation on optimized code containing enums.
  • Fixed various other minor bugs.