Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.28.0 – Release Date March 9, 2017

Change Log – Version 4.28.0 – Release Date March 9, 2017

Important Compatibility Changes

  • In order to install and use Dotfuscator, you must have at least .NET 4.5.2 installed. Dotfuscator will still process assemblies built with older versions of the .NET framework.
  • Dotfuscator no longer supports its Visual Studio integration with Visual Studio 2008.
  • Dotfuscator’s Visual Studio integration is now available for Visual Studio 2017 (VS 15.0).
  • Dotfuscator is now supported on Windows Server 2016.


  • The Debug Check can now detect the presence of native debuggers such as WinDbg.
  • The Debug Check now provides anti-debug defense for UWP applications.
  • Lucidator output now looks like a stack trace, making it much easier to read. It is still possible to obtain the old output style with the command line option `/legacyoutput`.
  • Lucidator no longer displays version and licensing information every time it runs. This information can be accessed with the command line option `/version`.
  • Assorted changes were made to the Dotfuscator GUI’s menu structure to make things easier to find:
    • Moved the `Build` menu entry from the File menu into a new Build menu and named it `Build Project`.
    • Moved ‘User Preferences’ out of the View menu and into the Tools menu.
    • Renamed some other menu items for clarity.
  • Added a button to the toolbar that will open the location of the obfuscated asssemblies in Windows Explorer. Furthermore, the build output will say where the processed assemblies have been written.
  • Dotfuscator will now automatically save your project when you build it.

Functional Changes

  • Improved network connection management for product activation and update checking.
  • The command line version of Dotfuscator will display more user-friendly, succinct usage when requesting it with ‘/?’. ‘/??’ will provide the original, extended help information.
  • Dotfuscator no longer ships with a PDF version of the User Guide.
  • Previously, the analytics exception message sent from a positive Debug Check was “No message specified”. It is now “Debugging was detected”.


  • Fixed an issue where sending analytics messages to a dynamic endpoint failed when running Dotfuscator from the MSBuild task (as opposed to running the Dotfuscator executable directly).
  • Fixed an issue where Dotfuscator failed to successfully parse certain combinations of generic arguments in CustomAttribute definitions, resulting in the production of invalid assemblies.
  • Fixed an issue where having multiple Tamper Check attributes in a single Dotfuscator project could result in invalid injected code.
  • Fixed a display issue when running Dotfuscator on a mixed DPI multi-monitor setup.
  • Fixed assorted issues where specifying inputs with trailing backslashes resulted in assemblies not being found or the Dotfuscator config file not being written out properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Dotfuscator was incorrectly writing out XAML binding elements.