Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.33.0 – Release Date November 20, 2017

Change Log – Version 4.33.0 – Release Date November 20, 2017



  • Improved ASP.NET Core SmartObfuscation.
  • Added an ASP.NET Core sample and updated other samples.
  • The setting to use only Mono-compatible transforms can now be specified on the command line.
  • Both Removal and Smart Obfuscation report paths can now be specified from the command line.

  • Dotfuscator will now take into account configured Assembly Binding Redirects while performing cross-assembly obfuscation.
    • Dotfuscator honors configured Assembly Binding Redirects for non-strong-named assemblies.
    • For details on configuring Assembly Binding Redirection see Microsoft’s documentation on Redirecting Assembly Versions.
  • Various improvements to obfuscation techniques.

Functional Changes

  • Instrumentation and Check Injection are currently unsupported for .NET Core assemblies.
    • Attempting to perform these actions on .NET Core assemblies will now error the build.
    • Documentation has been updated to correctly reflect the status of .NET Core injection.


  • When updating the name of a linked output, the treeview will now correctly reflect changes.
  • Fixed a build error during Markup Analysis.
  • Fixed a WPF SmartObfuscation rule not working with .NET 4.0+ assemblies.
  • Fixed issues with cross-assembly obfuscation when the assemblies contain duplicate class names.
  • Fixed an issue where obfuscated output could cause issues with the Xamarin Linker during builds.