Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.5.1200 – Release Date July 8, 2009

Change Log – Version 4.5.1200 – Release Date 8 July 2009


  • Support for .NET 4.0 assemblies (beta).
  • Visual Studio 2010 integration (beta).
  • Support for handling Silverlight 3 assemblies.
  • Support for adding the SuppressIldasmAttribute to output assemblies.
  • Enhanced Debugging symbol generation options to allow fine grained control of JIT Optimization and Sequence Points in PDB.
  • Option to search User Defined Assembly Load Path first.
  • Timestamp URL for Authenticode signing is now exposed in the UI.

  • Added support for Shelf Life expiration of Compact Framework applications.
  • Allow multiple instances of PerformanceProbeAttribute on a method.
  • Built in rule to support excluding Windows Workflow activities from renaming.
  • Ongoing improvements to smart obfuscation rules and reporting.
  • Improved validation rules for instrumentation attributes.
  • Usability and UI improvements.

Resolved Issues Concerning:

  • Fixed exception when instrumenting Silverlight assemblies.
  • Enabling removal on mixed assemblies no longer disables removal of property metadata.
  • Fixed StackOverflowException occurring on x64 when analyzing large methods with significant branching.
  • Fixed error when reading publisher policy file with non-standard version number.
  • Addressed intermittent issue with User Defined Assembly Load Path not being honored when building in Visual Studio UI.
  • Fixed UI preview for fields and methods within a type