Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.6.1100 – Release Date December 30, 2009

Change Log – Version 4.6.1100 – Release Date December 30, 2009


  • Support for excluding individual assemblies in packages from being round tripped through Dotfuscator so that their signing is preserved
  • Support for obfuscating and instrumenting Silverlight 4 applications
  • Quiet mode will not display warnings about signed input assemblies not being resigned
  • Added /nologo command line switch to suppress display of Copyright and Licensing information
  • Improved Visual Studio integration
  • Updated Lucidator to account for types with underscores in their name

Resolved Issues Concerning:

  • Selected Built In rules and constant only pruning options not saved when removal is disabled
  • Updated Crystal Reports Built In Rule
  • Silverlight packages include artifacts in the output XAP
  • ClickOnce package issues with manifests and subdirectories
  • Issue with pruning recursive methods with generic parameters
  • Issue with renaming of inherited methods containing generic parameters
  • Minor UI tweaks and bugfixes.