Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.9.7000 – Release Date July 25, 2011

Change Log – Version 4.9.7000 – Release Date 25 July 25, 2011


  • New anti-decompliation measures have been added to combat new and updated decompilers.
  • Initial support for Windows Phone 7.1 (“Mango”) has been added.

Functional Changes:

  • Indexers on classes in assemblies that contain markup are no longer renamed by default.
  • If a Feature Stop cannot be correlated to a Feature Start on the same thread, it is matched with a Feature Start of the same name without regard to thread (if one exists).

Resolved Issues Concerning:

  • Corrects a build error when injecting PerformanceProbe into the end of an empty method.
  • Unsupported attributes on specific platforms (i.e. SystemProfile and PerformanceProbe on Silverlight) should no longer cause a build error, but will issue a warning.
  • Works around a probable F# compiler bug concerning LinkCheck permission sets (MS Connect Bug #674806).
  • Instrumentation Attributes on abstract methods are now disallowed in the UI and no longer cause build errors.
  • Assembly-level Unhandled ExceptionTrackAttributes on ASP.NET applications no longer cause build errors.
  • Corrects an issue where XNA phone apps could have been misidentified as Silverlight apps during RI injection.