Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.3.1000 – Release Date March 6, 2008

Dotfuscator 4.3 Initial Public Release – Release Date March 6, 2008

  • Smart Obfuscation has been greatly expanded to include detection of data bound controls, enum type values used as strings, Visual Basic .NET late calls, and custom serialization scenarios.
  • Smart Obfuscation now has a reporting facility that provides information about what actions it is performing and why.

  • The Renaming and Removal tabs now include Built-In rules, some of which are active by default. These are standard rules for excluding common items from renaming or removal.
  • SO-signal has been renamed to Runtime Intelligence Services (RIS).
  • Application Tamper Defense now can be configured to inject code that exits an application when tampering is detected.
  • RIS Tamper Messages can now contain user defined information by leveraging extended keys.
  • Simplified the way Dotfuscator processes assemblies built on older versions of the .NET framework (.NET 1.x versions of ildasm and the .NET SDK are no longer required).
  • The Dotfuscator project in the Visual Studio Integration UI now allows a user to explicitly set a particular output assembly as the key output.
  • Improved the way Dotfuscator resigns strongly named assemblies, so resigning works consistently across all versions of .NET and Visual Studio.
  • Added tabbed output panes to the standalone UI.