Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.4.1000 – Release Date June 16, 2008

Dotfuscator 4.4 Initial Public Release – Release Date June 16, 2008


  • Shelf Life the ability to add application end-of-life behavior to your application via post-build instrumentation.
  • Ability to preserve selected Property and Event names when renaming.
  • New custom inclusion and exclusion rules allow types to be selected based on inheritance relationships.

  • User preferences support in the user interface.
  • Opt-in based Customer Feedback Program (that uses PreEmptive’s Runtime Intelligence Services).
  • DotfuscatorUI.exe to the distribution, an interface to the standalone UI that is compiled as a GUI application rather than as a console mode application.


  • Default behavior of the renaming algorithm such that it no longer can rename an overriding method differently from the method it overrides.  There is now an option (in the UI on the renaming options tab) to switch back to the old behavior.