Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 4.4.1600 – Release Date December 18, 2008

Change Log – Version 4.4.1600 – Release Date December 18, 2008

Resolved Issues Concerning:

  • Incremental obfuscation of assemblies containing Obfuscation Attributes
  • Interaction between XML Serialization compatibility and Enhanced Overload Induction
  • Enhanced recognition of native assemblies that Dotfuscator cannot process
  • Improved handling of projects containing extended attributes for assemblies that are not available

  • Interaction between instrumentation and investigation mode
  • Support drive letter only for destination and temporary directories
  • Support tamper detection of Authenticode signed assemblies
  • Preview of supertype rules
  • Custom attributes having enum parameters in unsigned assemblies
  • Update of instrumentation library loading
  • Runtime Intelligence PerformanceProbe and SystemProfile under Windows Server 2003


  • Support obfuscation of Silverlight 2 RTW assemblies
  • Improved functionality for opting into the Dotfuscator Customer Experience Improvement Program