Dotfuscator Professional Edition, Version 6.4.0 – Release Date May 11, 2021


Functional Changes

  • When using Automatic Input Management, such as with the recommended Protect Your App instructions, the Config Editor’s View menu will no longer allow access to report files if there could be multiple reports that vary by build configuration and platform. To access the full set of reports, check the DotfuscatorReports directory.
  • In cases where Dotfuscator downloads ILDasm and ILAsm tools via NuGet, you can now specify the NuGet feed, username, and password via environment variables. This should only be necessary if you do not have access to the public feed.
  • When using an internet proxy requiring authentication, you can now specify the username and password via environment variables for Dotfuscator to use for licensing communications. For details, see Internet Connection Requirement.


  • Fixed issues related to renaming obfuscation.
  • Fixed an issue where strong name re-signing doesn’t support spaces in the path to the key file.
  • Fixed an issue where Automatic Input Management would fail if a solution contains a non-filesystem path to a project. For instance, when an “Existing Website” is added to a solution, the solution can contain a web address. In these scenarios, Dotfuscator now warns and continues.
  • Fixed an issue where Dotfuscator errors when protecting an assembly whose name contains netstandard.
  • Fixed an issue where Dotfuscator errors when processing an assembly which has type forwards to nested types.
  • Fixed an issue where the Output tab in the Config Editor would not indicate types which were removed by Dotfuscator.
  • Fixed other minor issues.