JSDefender Change Log V0.7 Build 0 – Release Date August 22, 2019

Change Log – Version 0.7.0 – Release Date August 22, 2019


  • PPJS now supports webpack with multiple chunks (without any configuration change). With the help of --idprefix command-line option, you can fine-tune declaration prefixes when using multiple bundles.
  • The errorScript configuration property of doaminLock allows you to inject error handling script. This script is executed when the page is used from an invalid domain.
  • The property indirection transform now handles not only property access syntax nodes, but class method names, object method, and object property names. Combined with the string literal transform, now you can hide class method, object method, and object property names in code.
  • PPJS now support installation with yarn.


  • Domain lock configuration bug (ignoring the domainPattern property) fixed.
  • StringLiteralTransform now uses a special name for its decoder function, which does not clash with other declaration names.