JSDefender Change Log V1.0 Build 0 Preview 1 – Release Date November 06, 2019

Change Log – Version 1.0.0-preview1 – Release Date November 06, 2019


  • From now on, the new product name is PreEmptive Protection JSDefender (PJSD). All related artifacts are renamed accordingly.


  • PJSD now supports multi-file scenarios with the --id-map-in, --id-map-out, and --id-map command line options.
  • PJSD requires a valid license (developer license) to run.
  • PJSD now collects and sends usage statistics to PreEmptive. Users can opt-out by setting an environment variable.
  • The CLI now defers to the locally installed pjsd-cli package if any, otherwise it uses the globally installed one.
  • PJSD Webpack Plugin now automatically protects every chunk of a build.


  • The user guide is now formatted like other PreEmptive Protection documentation.