JSDefender Change Log V2.3 Build 0 – Release Date February 2, 2021

Change Log – Version 2.3.0 – Release Date February 2, 2021


  • jsdefender-core: The engine uses a new, significantly stronger domain lock and date lock protection.
  • jsdefender-core: The engine has a totally-rewritten, hardened protection for its JSDefender Runtime.
  • jsdefender-core: LocalDeclarationTransform now supports three new name mangling method: runicglagolitic, and tifinagh.
  • jsdefender-cli: The CLI issues an error when any global protection options is used with an inline protection directive.
  • jsdefender-cli: The CLI applies coloring to the log messages of the protection engine and just for the CLI messages.


  • jsdefender-core: SelfDefendingTransform provides a default error script (console.log('Error: the code has been tampered!')) if the user does not specify any.
  • jsdefender-core: RSA check won’t error on response with 4byte Unicode chars.


  • JSDefender uses new EULA