JSDefender Change Log V2.5 Build 0 – Release Date Dec 14, 2021

Change Log – Version 2.5.0 – Release Date Dec 14, 2021


  • jsdefender-cli: add glob input pattern matching to the CLI to be able to provide multiple input files located even in subdirectories; it can be enabled with the --glob CLI flag or with the glob config file field; an ignore pattern can be provided via the ignore input field
  • jsdefender-cli: add the --outdir CLI flag to configure the output folder; it complements the existing outDir config file field
  • jsdefender-metro-plugin: better handling of React Native bundles
  • jsdefender-metro-plugin: add support for Global Object Hiding in React Native

Bug Fixes

  • jsdefender-core: fix proxy configuration issues on Windows machines
  • jsdefender-cli: fix the issue where the protection fails if the inputs are paths with subfolders; now the output will keep the original folder structure and will be put into the specified outDir
  • jsdefender-cli: display the correct error messages if the CLI parameters or the configuration are incorrect
  • jsdefender-cli: add the missing es2016, es2017, es2018, es2019, and es2020 as the possible values to the existing es5 and es2015 values to the --estarget CLI flag