JSDefender Change Log V2.0 Build 3 – Release Date September 24, 2020

Change Log – Version 2.0.3 – Release Date September 24, 2020


  • jsdefender-core: allow IntegerLiteralTransform to use multiple radixes
  • jsdefender-core: allow turning off the self-defending protection (no-eval) of JSDefender Runtime


  • jsdefender-cli: emit summary file from CLI even when there are parsing errors
  • jsdefender-core: emit a warning message when the source code version is higher than the esTarget option
  • jsdefender-core: let LocalDeclarationTransform use random ID offset
  • jsdefender-core: make IntegerLiteral to use the lower and upper boundaries correctly with values between 0 an 8
  • jsdefender-core: remove the “orphan zone” created by StringLiteralTransform to allow declaration renaming