JSDefender Change Log V2.1 Build 0 – Release Date November 5, 2020

Change Log – Version 2.1.0 – Release Date November 5, 2020


  • jsdefender-cli: CLI now uses colorized text, provided the current terminal supports it
  • jsdefender-core: the new DevToolsBlockingTransform detects if the DevTools panel is open in the browser and blocks normal code execution
  • jsdefender-core: the new ConsoleCloakingTransform prevents the protected code from displaying information in the console when the program invokes the methods of the console object, such as console.log, console.info, etc.
  • jsdefender-core: the new GlobalObjectHidingTransform adds indirect references for frequently used global objects (such as window, navigator, Object, String, setTimeout, and many others) and hides them within the protector object
  • jsdefender-core: the protection engine intertwines StringLiteralTransform with the JSDefender Runtime


  • jsdefender-core: ConstantArgumentTransform always provides different guard values for consequent and alternate branches
  • jsdefender-metro-plugin: the plugin handles the mapFile configuration option properly
  • jsdefender-metro-plugin: the protectUserModulesOnly option correctly protects only the user modules
  • jsdefender-webpack-plugin: the plugin handles the mapFile configuration option properly