PreEmptive Protection for iOS Change Log v2.0 – Release Date June 11, 2015

Change Log – Version 2.0 – Release Date June 11, 2015


  • Implemented multiple performance improvements for compilation speed.
  • Implemented multiple improvements to obfuscated application runtime performance.
  • Added configuration file support.
  • Changed switch-obfuscation to apply to a percentage of blocks rather than a percentage of functions.
  • Added licensing support.
  • Added support for -fbuild-session-file required by Xcode for module support.
  • Reduced size of entire compiler system.


  • Fixed various compilation and obfuscation bugs.
  • Fixed Xcode integration to properly use clang++ (rather than clang) when called from the command line.

Functional Changes

  • Removed command line arguments for enabling/disabling specific obfuscation transformations. They can now be configured via the config file.
  • -mllvm is no longer a required prefix before command line arguments (except for -debug-only=trace for trace output).
  • Increased the default percentages from 30% to 100% for Switch Obfuscation and Branch Injection