DashO Java Obfuscator Change Log V8.5 Build 0 – Release Date May 2, 2018

DashO Change Log

Published on May 2, 2018 by Michelle Pruitt

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Change Log – Version 8.5.0 – Release Date May 2, 2018

With the DashO Gradle Plugin v3.1.0, obfuscation is now enabled, in Android builds, by the standard minifyEnabled setting.
The disabledForBuildTypes and disabledForBuildVariants settings can no longer be used.


  • File > Download Sample Projects was added to allow quick access to the samples.
  • Method call removal now supports removing non-void-return methods.
  • Documented how to use method call removal to remove Android logging calls.
  • Improved usability of file browsing dialogs in the DashO GUI.
  • A default editor (notepad.exe on Windows or TextEdit.app on macOS) is now used when viewing the project and reports.
  • Added support for generating a ProGuard-compatible map file when renaming classes.


  • The samples have been moved online and are no longer included with the DashO installation.
  • Improved organization of GUI documentation.
  • Wildcard class matching for method call removal is deprecated.
  • The <obfuscate-jar> task, in the Ant integration, is deprecated.
  • Updated the DashO Gradle Plugin:
    • v3.1.0 with support for the Android Gradle 3.1.0 & 3.1.1 plugins and which uses minifyEnabled instead of disabledForBuildVariants.
    • v3.0.3 with the generateProGuardMap configuration option.
  • Includes apktool-2.3.3.
  • Includes dex-tools-2.1-nightly-28.


  • Globally Excluded classes are now listed on the Method Call Removal screen.